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Are you an experienced Visual Development Art Lead up for pushing the boundaries of visual quality? Ready to join one of Europe’s fastest growing game companies?

If yes, Metacore could be the right place for you

We are a game company from Helsinki, now also in Berlin, best known for our hit game Merge Mansion and our people-first company culture. Built on trust, our culture allows us to work autonomously, efficiently, and ambitiously. We have mutually agreed on five cultural norms to describe how we build trust and work as Metacore – you can find them here:

Our company’s mission is to entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades. Although we already entertain 50M+ players worldwide and have grown into a team of 200+ game industry professionals in less than three years, we’re only getting started. That’s where we hope you come in: to oversee the Visual Development Art craft for Merge Mansion. Working alongside the Art Lead, you will provide artistic direction while managing a team of artists, ensuring the overall quality and consistency of the game’s visual identity, both within and outside of the game team. You will actively contribute to creating high-quality art assets and constantly push the boundaries of visual quality.


Visual Development Art Lead plays a key role in providing artistic direction while overseeing a team of artists, ensuring the overall quality and consistency of the visual identity for Merge Mansion. In practice, this means (at least) the following:

  • Leading the Merge Mansion Visual Development Art Team, including Visual Development Artists and Illustrators, providing guidance, mentorship, and feedback to foster professional growth and maximizing their potential
  • Working with the Art Lead to shape the art direction, ensuring the team follows the overall artistic direction and vision for the project
  • Collaborating with the producers, product managers, and other discipline leads to establish realistic art production deadlines, and assess and allocate resources
  • Developing and maintaining efficient workflows, standards, and ways of working to ensure seamless collaboration and integration with other disciplines
  • Ensuring art assets meet the highest standards of quality, consistency, and artistic vision through regular reviews and providing feedback to the art team
  • Leading by example, actively contributing to the creation of high-quality art assets, including concept art and illustrations
  • Working closely with the design, marketing, 3D artists, and animators to ensure a cohesive and immersive visual experience, promoting effective communication and cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Facilitating creative brainstorming sessions, coordinating meetings, and creating action points or tickets as necessary to share with the team
  • Working closely with 3D artists and technical artists to evaluate feasibility and uphold quality standards
  • Contributing to the creative processes of outsourcing agencies and partners by participating in brainstorming, providing feedback, and analyzing the results


Every role is eventually shaped to match our unique passions, backgrounds and strengths. Here are some of the key skills and experience you should already have when joining Metacore as a Visual Development Art Lead:

  • Previous experience leading an art team and a background in the games industry
  • Leadership and management skills, to successfully lead and motivate an art team
  • In-depth knowledge of industry-standard software and tools, such as Photoshop
  • Strong understanding of artistic fundamentals, including composition, color theory, and visual storytelling
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to effectively communicate artistic vision and feedback to team members and stakeholders
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, effectively managing multiple projects and priorities
  • Knack for staying current with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the game art industry, constantly identifying opportunities for innovation and pushing the boundaries of visual quality

In addition to these, it would be nice but not mandatory for you to have these as well:

  • Blender, Zbrush and After effects skills
  • Familiarity with Unity and its art-related features

Sounds about right? Then let’s talk!


Location: Helsinki, Finland
Relocation: Relocating to Finland expected, full support provided
Remote work: Hybrid model of office and remote work
Start date: Flexible, ideally as soon as possible
Working language: English

About Metacore

Our company is formed by great teams and individuals. Together, we work rather as Metacore than for Metacore – aiming for the same goal of entertaining our audience with world-class mobile games. As Metacore, we’re much more than the sum of our skills, experiences and knowledge.

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Metacore is the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. In other words, our teams and individuals enjoy a lot of freedom and responsibility in their work. Everyone can find the optimal way for reaching their goals – as long as it respects our company culture.