Acquire design

Design is a tool for change that can be used to renew services, spaces, methods, systems, products, and even packaging.

Design is a tool for change that can be used to renew services, spaces, methods, systems, products, and even packaging.

There are many ways to acquire design. Design procurement should be linked to long-term goals. What do you aim to achieve with the procurement? What challenge does the procurement address? How can the impact of the procurement be measured?

Help with procurement planning

Designers can provide training in design thinking and the use of design tools. Training helps to identify the needs of service design.

Innovative procurement requires procurement expertise. If there is no design expertise within your organization, design companies can participate in procurement planning.

On these pages, you will find information on how to choose the appropriate procurement procedure and how to make a good request for proposal.

Special characteristics of public procurement

The public sector is a significant purchaser of services. Public procurement must take into account, for example, the requirements of procurement law. Public art procurement, on the other hand, is often linked to the planning of entire residential areas.

Ornamo’s services to support procurement

Design Jobs

One way to acquire design expertise is to hire a designer within your own organization. This ensures the integration of a user-centered approach into your own organization. Ornamo provides information on design industry job opportunities and assignments through the Designduunit service.


Ornamo’s experts offer consulting services for design competitions or art acquisitions. With Ornamo’s competition service, you can reach design experts specialized in your company’s industry.

The competitions follow Ornamo’s competition rules, which are based on guidelines created by the international World Design Organization for organizing competitions. These rules ensure that both the client and the designer have the best possible experience with the design competition and that the competition receives the recognition it deserves.

Guidelines for interior architecture competitions

Ornamo has also published tools for good procurement practices related to interior architecture services. On their website, you can find guidelines for procurement and a template for requests for proposals, among other tools for good procurement practices for interior architecture services