Özgu Gundeslioglu

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Vuosi: 2023
Päätekniikka: Käsinrakennus
Mitat: 12 x 16 x 10 cm
Paino: 0.5 kg
Materiaalit: Keramiikka
broken porcelain figurine (swan head from a swan bowl) , handbuilt ceramic (rest)

Taiteilijan sanoin

The piece is a part of the ”(un)intended collaboration series” which I breathe new life into discarded porcelain figurines by incorporating them into a narrative constructed with stoneware clay. Salvaging mainly broken figurines, I forge a fresh story, seamlessly merging the old with the new through the process of re-firing. This series is akin to an alternative form of restoration, also a collaboration between the anonymous makers of the original porcelain figurines and myself.


Özgu Gundeslioglu

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