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Ornamo Afterwork @Zoom Thur 8th June

Today, designers are challenged with the diversity of design industry and the extensive expertise that is required from the professionals. What kind of vision do designers have regarding their expertise and the development of their skills? How is design positioned and appreciated in the modern organizations where design is utilized more than ever before?   

We conducted a user research early this year with Vastakaiku, a strategic research company, and received up to 240 answers. It is time to present and share the results! 

You are warmly welcome to Ornamo Afterwork June 8th to hear what is it that makes the designers tick, what are biggest challenges in the field and how to execute the need for community. 

In this webinar we will present the results of the user research!  

The results are presented by Panu Erola, a strategic research consultant at Vastakaiku. The event will also have an open discussion and interaction.  

The event is open for all design professionals and anyne interested in design. Registration in advance is required. This event is hosted in English.  

You are warmly welcome to join the event online!