Anna Siukola

I am a Russian-born Finland-based artist, a multinational person, which I believe, is my asset. I am an artist who has absorbed different cultural heritage. I find it important for an artist to bring their personality to their works. My artistic style highlights my diverse cultural background.”
I believe that art is important for a human. Someone needs to make, others – to observe, but in any case, while art is not a necessity that humans need to survive, yet, I believe, it is important for the psychological health of people. There are many art forms available these days, but what combines them all – is their effect on a human: it is therapeutic, healing, thought-evoking, and imagination-stimulating.
I am a visualist. I see beauty in everything that surrounds me: every little object, color, form, texture. I get inspired easily. Also, I am extremely curious, I love to learn new techniques and work with very different materials, for example, glass, ceramics, paint, metal, resin, concrete… you name it!
To connect to nature, I am fond of the minimum waste concept, which is why I often use recycled materials in my works. “Giving objects a second life” is my designer motto.

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Work experience

ANN’S PRODUCT DESIGN & TRAVEL, OWNERartcreation & travel services

2022 – present


Glass and Ceramics Product Design – bachelor’s Degree, HAMK University of Applied Sciences

2017 – 2021