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Atelier Veini

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I have found my home in patchwork and quilting as a designer and artisan. My passion and mission is to renew the Finnish patchwork and quilting tradition and bring it to light in a fresh way as part of modern interior design.

I explore the boundaries between design, art and handicraft: I design and make unique pieces that are often both textile art pieces and functional textiles at the same time. My quilts are characterized by modern design, curved shapes, geometry, dreaminess, impression of layering, interesting details and intriguing fabric and color combinations.

I often find inspiration for my designs from different design objects and architecture from past decades. All the patchwork in my pieces is made using repurposed textiles. Upcycling is important for me for sustainability reasons. At the same time, limited choice of fabrics also leads me to discover unexpected fabric and color combinations that create new interesting harmony. Seeing outdated, abandoned fabrics forming a new stunning patchwork is the driving force in my creative work.


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