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Laura Itkonen is a designer and artist (b. 1981) living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her primary focus is on creating visually intricate and tangible architectural ceramics and collectible and sculptural design objects that are both unique and valuable. Itkonen finds the intersection of art and design to be the most compelling place to work, as it allows her to explore the potential of materials. This area offers an exciting opportunity to push boundaries creatively and experiment within the context of different projects. Itkonen’s creations blend art and design, combining handmade sculptural elements with the precision of 3D printing. Her use of materials highlights their unique characteristics, while carefully crafted shapes and forms tie everything together. Contrasts are a unifying factor in her work, creating dynamic and visually striking pieces.

“Itkonen mixes contrasting materials, techniques, textures and colors in bold combinations. From metallic surfaces on soft ceramics to rough chunks of red clay on delicate porcelain, the surprises keep coming.” 
-Dwell magazine-

With international recognition, Itkonen’s works have been showcased in Milan, London, Paris, and Tokyo to name a few. She has accomplished several works for both private and public spaces in Finland and abroad. In 2019, American Dwell -magazine awarded Itkonen with their annual Emerging Talent -award  and her works are included for example in the collections of the State Art Commission, Aalto University as well as in private collections. Itkonen has also received numerous grants including working grants from the Arts Promotion Centre and the Finnish Cultural Foundation. She is currently working  on a large-scale public space art project commissioned by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). The project will be completed in 2024.


Work experience


Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture

Master of Arts, Department of Applied Art and Design

2007 – 2010

University of Art and Design Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Ceramic and Glass Design

2004 – 2007

Forssa Vocational Institute

Ceramic Artisan, Department of Crafts&Design

2001 – 2004


Ceramic Art

’Marquis’ is a collection of handmade, numbered ceramic murals. It’s an exploration to the world of visually strong outcome; reflecting metallic surface combined together with vivid strong colours and playful, strong forms. It’s an intriguing combination of old soul, 70’s aesthetics and art deco vibes still being harmonious and classy.

Public Art

Custom-made ceramic murals to 47 hotel rooms.In this boutique hotel in Helsinki you can sleep under my ceramic murals in the suite, mini suites, superior+ and superior rooms. Client: Folks Hotel Konepaja Vallila / Interior architecture: Pinto Design / Year: 2020-2021


Folks Hotel Konepaja Vallila

Pinto Design

Ceramic Art

A custom-made ceramic logo for traditional Finnish furniture brand Lundia. Handmade of porcelain and Finnish red earthenware parts. A colorful, haptic multi-part entity forms the name of the company on the wall of their flagship store and showroom. Location: Lundia Flagship Store & Showroom, Fredrikinkatu 45, Helsinki


Lundia Oy


Sculptural Series is a an on-going collection of decorative porcelain jars, collectible ceramic treasures. They are my personal playground for experiments, a platform for studies of materials, forms and techniques.


A collection of unique, handmade ceramic clocks with sculptural and tactile approach. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made by combining various handmaking techniques.


Pumpa and Pomelo are objects inbetween art and design as they are sculptures but also decorative mini vases for single flowers and small arrangements.

Ceramic Art

‘Wall Sculpture’ is a numbered and signed collection of unique ready-made ceramic wall pieces.This collection is my on-going personal exploration with different glazes, surfaces, decorations and techniques. By testing and playing, I seek to find new visual and haptic approaches tothe outcome. Finding contrasts play significant role in each numbered piece, again.

Ceramic Art

Handmade ceramic mural. ‘Ryijy’ means traditional woven wall rug which is a decorative art form unique to Finland. Geometric shapes were, in addition to floral and human figures, a popular subject in them in the late 19th century. ‘Ryijy’ ceramic mural is especially inspired from the geometrical shapes of the traditional ryijy rugs.The whole consists of five forms of different shapes that fit in many ways to each other transforming into different works of art. Creations made of it are perfect to enrich both private and public spaces in indoors and outdoors.




Folks Hotel Konepaja Vallila
Pinto Design
Lundia Oy