Paula Taipale

  • Textile and Fibre Art
  • Textile Design
  • Public Art
  • Visual Art
  • Artist
  • Uusimaa


  • Competent

The artworks have been executed with the traditional Himmeli technique, which has proven to be a very functional and durable structure even in large-scale works. Using plastic straws instead of traditional straws is a childhood memory from the 50s. The idea is that large-scale work looks massive. The material looks like metal. However, the work is light and moves mobile-like with the air flow. The decorative pieces are cut from recycled candy paper, pearls or crystals are an additional decoration. Additional decoration in addition to the basic structure is one of original methods of Himmeli variation. I collect the materials for the crowns from flea markets, some I get as donations from friends. In large-scale works, I have received materials from sponsors.


Work experience