Sami Rinne

Sami Rinne Design

Sami Rinne Design

I am a ceramic artist and a designer. I produce tableware and ceramic art, mainly using clay and plaster. The key features of my production are clean and sculptural shapes and combining techniques. 

I produce unique works and small series. In my series I use and combine self-made plaster molds. I also have familiarized myself with 3D technology. It enables using more
complex and precise casting techniques. In firing I use electric kiln, wood-fired kiln and raku firing. I constantly experiment with different glazings and coatings. 

I produce many series at a time and I work with them for many years. My work is alive and it evolves with the time. During the last few years I have been motivated by architecture and classic historical themes. 

My goal is to add understanding of the many layers of arts providing the public with means to be more open to interpretations. As an artist I want to surprise, produce experiences and question the existing models of thinking.


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