Sini Villi

  • Textile and Fibre Art
  • Uusimaa
  • Competent

Sini Villi (b. 1980) is a textile artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. In her work Villi uses handmade ribbon to create three-dimensional textile wall sculptures. The organically flowing elements are shaped into a sculpture, which, when hardened from the inside, remains in its permanent shape.

The visual language of the textile sculptures draws its inspiration from Sini Villi’s roots in Northern Finland, by the vast and silent natural landscape. Every autumn large fields are plowed, forming softly rhythmic grooves. The color scheme becomes one-dimensional, but the adjacent shapes create a visually interesting and soothing view. In the spring, life fills the ground again and the colors return. Sini Villi´s art is based on a similar endless cycle of nature, and the way life flows forward despite the surrounding transformations.

Sini Villi graduated with Bachelor of Culture and Arts in 2004, focusing on clothing design. She has worked for 20 years widely in the fields of fashion and interior textiles as a designer, couturier and a production manager. Villi´s path to textile art began with her need to slow down and dive deeper into the creative process.

Villi´s art is found in the Finnish State Art Collection, the Oulu Museum of Art Collection, and private collections worldwide.


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