Sofia Fagerlund

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I specialize in office projects and workplace development. My main responsibilities as a design lead & interior architect are to lead projects through to delivery, and to mentor team members while advocating design thinking in all directions. Other tasks beside overseeing day-to-day operations in close cooperation with the design team, project managers and construction site include creating new supplier connections, research on industry changes and technical development of the design tools. In addition, I have strong expertise in designing private homes. In total, I have over nine years of diverse experience in interior architecture.

As a designer I believe that our design choices should reflect and present our values. Design should speak about a private owner’s or company’s innermost beliefs and share their values. Creating with this mindset every design has a fresh dialogue that explores aspects of the historical, socio-cultural and physical facets. The interplay between the past and this moment is what makes a design intriguing and thought-provoking.

I am driven by curiosity and the desire to create functional yet aesthetic and inspiring spaces with environmentally and socially sustainable values at the core. I am an advocate for biophilic and sustainable choices, and I hope to use this to create healthier spaces and promote these values through my work.


Work experience



Interior Architecture


Open and innovative Visma Campus

The Rautatalo renovation project in the heart of Helsinki started shortly after the darkest wave of the pandemic. The ambitious goal of Visma Finland was to create an open and innovative office, the Visma Campus, which connects all building floors and serves as an open workspace for Visma employees and customers.

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Interior Architecture


The project participated residents of Espoo and the library staff as part of the planning, and the actual implementation.The main themes of the project were nature and recycling which were taken into account at every stage of the design. Furnishing was carried out together in collaboration with the recycling center.

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Service Design


Envisioning the library and civic college of the future for the city of Pori

The main library of Pori and the civic college building of Pori are located in the property built for them in 1976. Over the years, the nature and needs of both parties’ operations have changed significantly and the volume of operations has increased. The goal of this needs assessment was to map the current situation and users’ needs and create a clear vision of the library and university building of the future.

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Tools and methods

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Graphic Design
User persona
User research