Niina Hiltunen

  • Textile and Fibre Art
  • Textile Design
  • Visual Art
  • Artist
  • Designer
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Speaker
  • Pirkanmaa
  • Remote
  • Competent

“My artistry is profoundly multidisciplinary and combines different kinds of art forms. As a textile and fiber artist I heavily lean on my background in classical music and linguistics. I create abstract, three-dimensional art from yarns and textile materials by weaving them on a traditional countermarch loom, slowly, weft by weft. Despite the sculptural nature, my art reveals its true nature and its fine and delicate, almost fragile details only when looked at very closely. Languages widely understood have become my main focus and the metaphor of my artistic work. “

You´ll find a wide range of my artworks and detailed information on them from my personal website or the Artist´s Association of Finland Artist Register webpage:


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