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I spend a lot of time exercising in the nature, and I find my best relaxation occurs when I’m outdoors alongside my family and our dogs. Our decision to relocate to the countryside approximately six years ago was driven by our desire to be closer to nature. Now, I can step into the forest directly from my front door. Some of my most inspired interior design concepts are derived from nature itself. I am dedicated to crafting interiors that exude a harmonious and timeless ambiance.
When working with clients, I prioritize their preferences and values. I’m not afraid to offer my own imaginative concepts, encompassing both visual and technical solutions. My aim is to shape spaces that enhance overall well-being and promote health. Precise and visually captivating blueprints constitute a pivotal aspect of my profession, serving as a means of communication with clients. I bring my design projects to life utilizing the Archicad drawing program. Additionally, my plans consistently incorporate 3D renderings of the envisaged elements.


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Work experience

Sisustusarkkitehti Riia Rauhala

interior architect SIO, interior designer SI

2010 – present

RMB Rock My Business Oy

Entrepreneur, part owner

2013 – present

AJK-Jatkokoulutus Oy

Head trainer, interior designer training

2023 – present


College of Arts and Design, Aalto university

Master of Arts, Creative Business Management

2010 – 2015

Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

Designer, interior architecture and furniture design

2003 – 2007