Lisa Staudinger

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Hi there, I am Lisa Staudinger.

I am a (visual) designer originally from Austria, but currently living and working in the lovely city of Helsinki.

Working chiefly with user-centered products, what fascinates me most about my work as a UI/UX designer is not primarily the visual side of things (of course that’s pretty neat too), but solving the problems that come with complex systems. In the past I’ve worked with clients across various industries, including fashion, sports supplies, food, finance, and IT.

Passionate about communicating complexity, one of my fields of expertise is Information Visualization, and I have dabbled in some teaching in recent years. The best thing about teaching? It pushes me to keep learning and never to take things at face value.

What I can offer
Visual Design ✦ UI/UX Design ✦ Data/Information Visualization ✦ Digital Illustration ✦ User Testing ✦ Workshop Facilitation ✦ Front-End


Avaa CV


Päivitetty 4/2024

Contrast Digital OY

Senior UI/UX Designer

2020 – 2023

Contrast Digital OY

Visual Designer

2019 – 2020

Aalto Online Learning (Aalto University)

Information / Visual Designer

2018 – 2019


Päivitetty 4/2024

Aalto University

Master of Arts, Visual Communication Design

2014 – 2018

New Design University

Bachelor of Arts, BA hons., Graphic Design & Media

2011 – 2014

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