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Hello there! I’m a versatile strategic designer with a mission to make complex matters a bit more comprehensible.

🎨 I’m passionate about design and its ability to drive business development and shape experiences.

🚀 With over 10 years of diverse experience in the design field, I have developed my skills and expertise in crafting solutions that bridge the gap between business objectives and user needs.

🔧 As a designer, I thrive in the intersection of design thinking, business strategy, and user-centered design. I possess a deep understanding of the entire design process, from research and ideation to prototyping and implementation.

️‍🕵️‍♀️️ I am always seeking new ways to push the boundaries of design and create meaningful connections between people and products & services.

👋 Feel free to reach out – let’s connect and explore possibilities further!




University of Lapland

Master of Arts (MA), Industrial and Product Design

2008 – 2014

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